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2024 INDOOR TRIATHLON RACE SERIES Chicago, IL 60601 US Directions



Corral your friends and compete side by side in the same wave with friends, family members, or co-workers.  We encourage and welcome parents & children to race side by side at our events!  Simply create an optional TEAM NAME when you register and encourage your friends or family members to select the same team name when you sign up! 

CLUB AWARDS - If at least 3 distinct teams of at least 4 athletes sign up in one calendar year, we'll have TEAM AWARDS to determine a "CLUB SERIES CHAMPION" at the end of the series based on your 4 best athletes unique performance across the series (must include at least 2 people from 2 different genders).  Race as often as you like across the entire year and we'll combine your team's top 4 results at the end of the year!  It's like an Olympic "Mixed Team Relay" that extends across the whole year:   video:

REGISTRATION NOTE:  Each person will select their unique WAVE START TIME, so make sure you coordinate with each other to sign up to race in the same WAVE START TIME when you sign up!  It's best to let your teammates know to sign up ASAP immediately after you do to ensure waves do not fill up before your teammates do.  Registration can fill up, and wave start times are FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE!  We'll do our best to accommodate requests to move wave start times if need be - so just contact us if you have any questions or concerns about this!

NOTE: We do not have a specific age cutoff for younger children, but please note that indoor SPIN BIKES may have leg length minimum requirements.  Contact us ahead of time if you have questions or concerns about this.  Younger children can participate in "SPLASH & DASH" (Swim and run only) divisions if need be!


Have a friend who can't swim, bike, or run?  Create a single-race relay team!  Teams of 2 or 3 individuals can complete 1 indoor triathlon together as a relay, deciding who completes each leg of the race SWIM, BIKE, and RUN in any combination or order - only one person competes in a single discipline at a time, while your teammate(s) cheer(s) you on and then "tag out" to another person for the next leg of the race! 

If you love multisport events, and want to double up, you can even race as both an INDIVIDUAL (completing a whole triathlon by yourself) and in a RELAY TEAM (2-3 people working together to complete 1 triathlon "tagging out" between events) on the same day - or even on multiple relay teams on the same day!  Just make sure to plan ahead and select wave start times that won't overlap or conflict between SWIM, BIKE, and RUN timings!  For example, one swimmer could complete the swim leg for multiple relay teams on the same day, with their friends completing the BIKE and RUN portions... then you can all finish and celebrate together!

If there are enough teams at one event, RELAY TEAM awards will be recognized for a general RELAY TEAMS division, regardless of age or gender combinations. 

EACH PERSON MUST REGISTER AND SIGN A WAIVER - the first person should register to create a RELAY TEAM name and select a (swim) wave start time, then let your teammates know to select your specific team name, selecting the RELAY TEAM option (for a relay team discount!), and select "RELAY TEAM - START TIME TBD" as your wave start time for your second and/or third person on your relay team (since your individual start time may vary based on which leg you complete, only the first person needs to select an official start time). 

NOTE: If you'd rather each participate in a full indoor triathlon side by side from start to finish, consider registering individually and select the same start wave time in order to compete together as a "CLUB" instead of a "RELAY TEAM".


Compete in 2 races in one day! 
If you're an athlete looking to go long, please feel welcome to register a second time to complete two races in one day!  You can compete in a TRIATHLON and then a DUATHLON (BIKE+RUN only), or TWO TRIATHLONS back to back!  If you go crazy and complete 4 double triathlons (8 total triathlon races in one calendar year as two back-to-back races at four different events), you'll be eligible for an additional end of season award category - and our extreme admiration as a true MONSTER of endurance!!!

THE DOUBLE DISCOUNT AND REGISTRATION INSTRUCTIONS:  To complete this challenge, please feel welcome to use code "double" for a discount on your second registration (on the same day) and add "(DOUBLE)" to the end of your LAST NAME (for your second registration only) to ensure your registration and results don't get mixed up!  For example:

First race registration: FIRST NAME = "JAMES"  LAST NAME ="SMITH"
Second race registration: FIRST NAME = "JAMES"  LAST NAME = "SMITH (DOUBLE)"   ... and use code "double" at checkout for your second event!

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